Wonderlist Lease Options
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We are Wonderlist! We are the leading practitioners of Lease Option in Malaysia and we have the best and most comprehensive online platform to support the noble cause!

We are attending to the needs of you who are facing difficulties in purchasing your first home! Your first home is the basis of all financial and future security! Many in the younger crowds may have faced issues such as loan rejection or lacking in your first 10% downpayment. We at Wonderlist recognise those difficulties and have made it a point to take it upon ourselves to ensure your are able to purchase your first house you can call home!

In this economic downturn, many home owners have expressed similar difficulties in selling their house. This is caused by the public not being able to purchase by again the same reasons faced by the buyer's market. Lease Option, for Wonderlist, means helping seller's sell and buyer's buy! We are creating an opportunity for everyone to benefit. We ensure no one makes a lost under out Lease Option platform!

Interested to know how this seemingly impossible task can be done? JOIN OUR GROUP and follow our updates as we hold bi-weekly session to educate the public as to how to overcome such daunting issues and clear your financial path!